Dreams are made for believers

Dreams are made for believers;
Believers are made for dreams;
But I’m made for you and that’s a reality!

Once you have feelings for someone

Once you have feelings for someone,
Those feelings will always be there,
You may not like them anymore,
But you’ll still care!

Love Is Like A Ice Cube

Love Is Like A Ice Cube,
the Harder U Hold On To It,
the Faster It Disappear.
All you Have In your Hand
Will Be Tears Of Crushed Love


Love means life be filled with love

Love means
L: Lifes Purpose
O: On the way of Emotion
V: Valley of Joys
E: End of sorrows
I wish you Life be filled with

Strength grows when we dare

Strength grows when we dare;
Unity grows when we pair;
Love grows when we share;
And relationships grow when we care!

Relations are insurance policies

Relations are insurance policies against loneliness.
They need to be renewed with regular premium paid with communication, feelings, love and care.

Once you accept someone

Once you accept someone for what they really are, they will really surprise you by being better than you ever expected.

Sharing problems and asking for help

Sharing problems and asking for help doesn’t mean that we are weak and incomplete. It usually indicates an advanced level of TRUST.

Morning is good time to remember

“Morning” is a gud time to
“Remember” all d sweet things & all swt.
persons in ur “Life so Wake Up
with ur “SWEET MEMORIES To See This
Beautiful Mrng


Strong people stand up for themselves

Strong people stand up for themselves. But the strongest people stand up for others.