Lifes Lessons

Life’s Lessons…/

1- Destiny Is Simply Strength Of Our Desires. If U Cry At A Trouble, It Grows Double. If U Laugh At A Trouble, It Disapears Like A Bubble.

2- Dont Complain Abt Others, Change Urself If U Want Peace. It’s Easier To Protect Ur Feet Wid Sleeper Than To Cover The Entire Earth Wid Carpet.

3- Every King Was Once A Helpless Baby & Every Gr8 Building Was Once A Blue Print. It’s Not Where U R Today, But Where U’ll Reach 2morow.

4- In The Race B/w Cat & Mouse, The Mouse Mostly Wins, Coz The Cat Is Running For The Food & Mouse For Its Life. Remember Purpose Is More Important Than Need…/