Un Rishton k Tuutne Ka

Dukh …

Bicharne Ka Nahi Hota

Bal K

Un Rishto’n k Tuutne Ka Hota Hy

Jo Barso’n Ki Rafaqat K Baad

Pal Main Tuut Jate Hyn …

A true relation

A true relation
is not like

,’ ,’ R???’,’ ‘,

which comes
goes away

A True relation
is Like

= _Air_ =_ =

Sometimes Silent
Always Around U.

Y Do Rlations Break

Y Do Rlations Break?

Itz Coz Ppl Fail To Realize Dat:-

‘If U Cant Handle Sumone At Their Worst,

Den U Dont Desrve Them At Their Best


Relationship is

Relationship is

like a Book,

It may take Few

Seconds to burn but years to write.

Write it Carefully &

Never let it burn …

If V Become Too Practical

Two Aspects Of Life

If V Become Too Sentimental,

It Is Too Hard To Lead Life

If V Become Too Practical,

Its Too Tough To Respect Relation

Relationship isnt about

Relationship isn’t about finding the right person. But creating the right relation. It isn’t how much you care in the beginning, but how much you care till the end.

Relationship requires little effort

Relationship requires little effort…
Even when friends are busy with their own lives, a simple sms reminds each other that u r not forgotten. . . (:->)

The Weakest Part Of Relation

Mind Blowing Thought:

The Weakest Part Of A

Relation Comes Wen

One Of D Person Has

2 Giv Explanation 2 Prove D Trust..!

Never Let It Happen.

A Good Relationship

A Good Relationship Is Not When Two

"Perfect People"

Come Together.

But Itz When Two

"Imperfect People"

Learn To Enjoy Their Differences


Big fights usually break

Big fights
usually break
MINOR Misundrstndings
the fact is SPOILED relations
are more painful