To Kill a DEAR

To Kill a DEER,
You Need Guns, Knives, Ropes And Many People To Help….


To Kill a DEAR,
You Need Just Ignorance And Silence….!!

To Start A Relationship

To Start A Relationship Both Person
Should Agree To It


To End A Relationship Only One
Person’s Decision Is Enough

Things Which weaken and Strengthen The Relations

Six Things Which Weaken The Relations:
1) Misbehaving
2) Ignoring
3) Lying
4) Breaking Promises
5) Avoiding Contact
6) Doubting

Six Things Which Strengthen The Relations:
1) Good Attitude
2) Helping
3) Trusting
4) Respecting
5) Entertaining
6) Forgiving Mistakes.


Its love when a little baby

Whats Love?

Its love when a little baby girl puts all her energy 2 give her daddy a head massage 2 relief his headache.

Its love when a wife makes tea 4 her husband & take a sip b4 him 2 see if the tea is ok.

Its love when a mother gives her son da best piece of chicken n he pass it 2 his younger sister.

Its Love when a friend holds ur hand tightly on a slippery road after rain 4 ur protection.
Love is actually a name of care. SO…TAKE GUD CARE.. :-)

Relation is like a glass

Relation is like a glass

A scratch on 1 side reflects on da other side 2

So always handle feelings carefully B/c
That scratch can never be removed.

Always learn compromises

Always learn compromises…

Because its better to bend slightly, rather 2 break the relation forever . . . ! ! !

If you wana judge

If you wana judge your relations, make few mistakes..
As, it is the only point where relationships show their originality..

Sacrifice is greater than Love

It is said, Sacrifice is greater than Love..
Character is greater than Beauty..
Humanity is greater than Wealth..

Nothing is greater than
Good Relations.,
Good Relations don’t necessarily mean finding Similarities..
Its just about Respecting Differences…

Zindgi main 2 logon

Zindgi main 2 logon ka bohat khyal rakhna.

1: Wo jis ne tumari JEET k liye sab kuch HARA ho.

2: Wo jis ne hr dukh sukh main Tumhain PUKARA ho.


My Relationship With U

My Relationship With U Is Like Sugarcane…

Break It,

Crush It,

Squeez It,

Even Beat & Grind It,

But U Will Always Get Only Sweetness… :-)