Pathans Are Fools

Pathans Are Fools?
Lets See;
1. A Fool Cant Make An Itomic Bomb;
Abdul Qadir Khan Did It.

2.A Fool Cant Win Da World Cups;
Imran Khan & Yunas Khan Did It!

3. A Fool Cant Fly A Jet;
Saba Khan:) Being Da First Female Pilot In Da Pakstan Air Force, Did It!

3.A Fool Cant Go 2 Space, Abdul Ahad Momand(1988, Vid His Russian Colleagues, Talkd In Pashto 2 Hs Mother & Da Afghan President ,From Space) Did It!

4. A Fool Cant B A Squash Champion;
Hashim Khan
Jahangir & Janshir khan, Did It.

5. A Fool Cant Create A Country, Ahmad Shah Durani (Afghanistan), Did It!

6. A Fool Cant Rule Da Film Industry;
Da Khans Of Bolywud Did It!

7.A fool Cant Defeat Da Super Powers, Pathans Did It.

8.A Fool Cant B Da President Of Pakistan;
Ayub khan, Is’haq Khan & Yahya Khan Did It.

If anyone stil thinks tht pathans r fool thn let decide others tht who r fools?