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Love is an incredibly powerful word, This love is unconditional affection with no limits or conditions; completely loving someone.

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I Love You is a Mathematical Function

I Love You’
is a Mathematical Function…
Where ‘I love’
is ‘Constant’
You is
“Variable” :D

How to propose a girl

How can i tell her, i love you?
Just Do It,
Ok Let’s practice with you
Ilove You
I love you too now go and tell her!
I just did.


when you find true love in your life

Find ARMS that will HOLD u at ur WEAKEST
EYES that will SEE u at ur UGLIEST
HEART that will LOVE u at ur WORST
If u’ve found it, u’ve found LOVE

Love sms for girlfriend

Ever Since I First Laid Eyes On You.
It Was As If My Whole World Was Turned Upside Down.
Thanks for being with me all the time.

“8° wonder of the world

“8° wonder of the world: Discover the person you like, likes you too!”

Who is the luckiest lover

Who is the luckiest lover?

A Guy who loved a girl madly, but could not propose her & gets the same girl as his wife in an arranged marriage…

Mohabbat Mazaaq Lagti Hai

Durust Kr Hi Liya Main Ne AaJ Raat Nazriyya Apna..

K Dard Na Ho To Mohabbat Mazaaq Lagti Hai..!!

We Are Not Of Same Blood

We Are Not Of Same Blood…

We Are Born & Grown In… Different Places…

We Have Different Tastes &… Lifestyles… But…

Still Our Hearts Are Connected…. With A Single Miraculous Feeling….

Called “Love”


I’m diagnosed as being in love

I’m diagnosed as being in love.The medicine is you. The addiction is awesome. The withdrawal is hell…