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Love is an incredibly powerful word, This love is unconditional affection with no limits or conditions; completely loving someone.

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I didn’t think my life had purpose

I didn’t think my life had a purpose until you came into it and made me realize it was you who I was missing; and the purpose of my life was to love you!

I love everybody

I love everybody.
Some I love to be around;
Some I love to avoid;
And others I would love to punch in the face!


madness of love sms

Because of your love
I have lost my sobriety
I am intoxicated
by the madness of love

Our worst behaviour is always reserved

Our worst behaviour is always reserved for the person we love the most;
Because somehow, that person will always accept us as we are!

Do not find love

Do not find love.

Let love find you,

because you do not force yourself

to fall, you just fall.

Hold Me in Your Arms

Hold Me in Your Arms
& Never Let Me Go.
Kiss Me On My Lips;
But So Sweet & Slow.
Tell Me that You Love Me,
But Only If It is True.
Now, Let Me Tell You Something,
I’m So in Love with You..!!

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I search 4 U every chance I get,
I always wish 2 see your face.
If I could touch your lips wid mine,
D thought of tis is so divine.
I want 2 feel U, touch, and kiss,
send U into a heavenly bliss,
I want U , need U, love U, sweetie

when you love someone very much

Sometimes, when you love someone very much, you have to go thru every tear, every heartache, and every pain. Because in the end, it’s not how you suffered, but how much you loved!


Is love a multiple choice test

Once, I asked myself, “Is love a multiple choice test or is it true or false?” Out of nowhere, a voice answered, “Sorry to tell you this, but love is a thousand word essays.”

In the maze of love

In the maze of love, try not to lose yourself, so that when love is no longer willing to stay, you still have the greatest possession and gift that no one could take away… yourself.