Poetry Of The Nite

Poetry Of The Nite


Tera … Hone Laga Hoon



Khooo Ne Laga Hoon



Baqi Kal Sunaoun Ga


Ab Me Soney Laga Hoon..

Gud Nite..
Sweet Dreamz.. ;->

Ab So Jao k Sapne

Ab So Jao k Sapne
Intizaar Kerty Hyn

Theek Nahi Yun Khwabo’n
…Se Dushmani Kerna . . .!

G o . 0 d
N i g H t :)

another day has gone

Another Day Has Gone.

I’m Stil All Alone.
How Could This Be You’re Not Here With Me…



jaani main sonay ja raha

Ikhtiyar-e-Tarannum Se
Tabassum Ki Roshni Ko
Jala Dena

Jaani Main Sonay Ja Raha
…Hoon, Subha Sehri Mein Yaad
Se Utha Dena

Gud Nyt … =P

o moon go slowly

O Moon Go Slowly ..
O Beautiful Birds Dont Make Noise ..
O My Heart Beat Silently ..
Because My Friend Is Going To Sleep ..

Gud Nite ..;-)

shut down your eyes

Shut Down Your Eyes,
Log On Some Memories,
Download Some Dreams,
Save Some Joys,
Delete All Your Sorrows..

Have A Nice Sleep…

im with you

I’m with you reading this ,
Looking at your eyes and your lips,
Touching your lips softly, my fingertips .
Making love to you in every kiss .
We play together all night ,

We hold each other at the morning light .
Have a sweet dreams baby …

dreams are like stars

Are Like STARS …
You May Never Touch
THEM … But
If You Follow THEM
To Your DESTINY … =)

Good Night

Sun Is Switched Off

Sun Is Switched Off!

Stars Are Switched On!

Blue Sky Goes Off


Black Sky Comes In!

So A Cool Night Is Coming!

Go To Bed! And Sleep Well.


horror and beautiful

Difference between horror and beautiful

A beautiful night is wen u hug ur teddy bear nd sleep..
but horror is wen it hugs u bAck ;-)