everything is easy

Everything is easy
when you are crazy about it
Nothing is easy
when you are lazy about it.
G0od mrning..:)

Small Progress Everyday Leads To Higher Results

A Working Ant is Better Than A Sleeping Elephant… A Small Progress Everyday Leads Us To Big Results.

Good morning

time up wakeup my friend

A lot of friends i have,
But they remember me i dont know
But i remember my friends every day
So i like to wake u up everday,
It’s time up wakeup my friend,
Good Morning..


Lovely Good Morning Messages For Girlfriend

Enjoy The Day With Your Loved Ones.
Make Every Minute Count Like It’s Your Last.
We Never Know What God Holds In Store For Us.

Good Morning

good morning sms for breakfast

Aslam O Alikum
Life has many ways to make u weak But remember 3 things that will always keep u strong

& Dinner
Think hat kay & Eat dat k:)

Shining grass with morning dew

Shining grass with morning dew
making the day so fresh and new
hope the joy comes your way…!



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Good morning , get out of bed

Those who regularly get out of bed by 7 am are likely to be happier.

Rise before the Sun’rise

If u want to rise in life…

Rise before the Sun’rise. Go_0D MorN|nG


thAt pEOpLe mAke it dUStbiN

nEVEr oPEn yOU’Re hEARt SOo mUCh,
thAt pEOpLe mAke it dUStbiN”..!i!

–hApPy Morning–