Good Morning SMS/ Greetings

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Look at the sun and you see time

Look at the sun and you see time;
Look in the heart and you see love;
Look in the eyes and you see life;
Look at your mobile and see who’s remembering you!

Morning is good time to remember

“Morning” is a gud time to
“Remember” all d sweet things & all swt.
persons in ur “Life so Wake Up
with ur “SWEET MEMORIES To See This
Beautiful Mrng


Have you ever watched sunlight

Have you ever watched sunlight passing through raindrops? It’s just like my sweet messages passing through your cell phone, making it colourful like a RAINBOW.
Good Morning!

Normality is Essence of life

“Normality is Essence of life” If we become too Emotional Its hard to lead life. & if we become too Practical its tough to respect relations good morning Have a gud day

Special sunday sms for friends

Sunday Is A Special Day,
Unique In Its Own Way,
Having Lots Of Enjoyment And Fun.
May You Have A Delightful Sunday
So That You Are Energized
For The Coming Week.

good morning greetings for love

As my heart beats every moment,
all it wants is to be heard by you.
When my feet start walking all
they want is to reach to you sooner.
When my eyes open in the morning all
they want is to see you.
I Love you sweet heart!!

If yesterday was lost

If yesterday was lost in grief, don’t lose today and tomorrow by keeping it in your memory.
A Very Good Morning!

your whole day like sunshine.

Once again this morning
God fill you day
with love & success
and may bright
your whole day like sunshine.
Good morning dear..!!


Go0d m0rning to those who likes me

Go0d m0rning to those who likes me or n0t.
Gud m0rning to those who hates me or n0t.
Gud m0rning to those who loves me or n0t.
I dont care what people do, think or say.
I just know my why of life. Its a blessing of MY ALLAH and i m happy with that.
I m just like a candle.
Its up to u how will u use me?

Twinkle Twinkle Lazy Star

Twinkle Twinkle Lazy Star;
Kitna Sota Hai, Mere Yaar;
Up Above The World So High;
Sun Has Risen In The Sky;
Uth Ke Jaldi Peele Chai;
Then Call Me And Say Hi!
Good Morning