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Sun wouldn’t be red

Sun wouldn’t be red,
Sea wouldn’t be blue,
I wouldn’t be happy,
Without disturbing you!.

how to start a day

When You Start Your Day,

Keep 3 Words in Your Pocket,
Try True Trust,

Try for Better Future
True With Your Work,
Trust in God
Success Will be At Your Feet,
Good Morning..


GOD Never forgets our dreams

GOD Never forgets our dreams.
He continuously watches our
For that

dont regret past and enjoy present

People Who Judge Everyone Else,
Need to Put Down the Magnifying Glass
& Pick up a Mirror,

Regretting Over Yesterday & Fear Of Tomorrow R The Two Thieves Which Steal Our Present Live for Today..

Life Will Be Beautiful,

Good Morning

best wishes for morning

Grass Is Shining With Morning Dew,

Making The Day So Fresh & New,

Hope The Joy Comes Your Way,

Best Wishes 4 The New Day…

Good Morning.

good morning sms for family

Morning is a Good Time To Remember
All The Sweet Things & all Sweet Persons in ur Life
So Wake up With ur Sweet Memories,
Good Morning…

facebook status for good morning

Today I pray for you
A heart free of sadness,
A mind free of worries,
A life full of gladness,
A body free of illness,
And a spirit full of God’s blessings!
Good Morning!

Love sms for dear ones

Never Make a Bit of Gap Between The Dear Ones
Be’coz You Will Never Bear the Pain
When the Gap is Filled By Someone Else.

Good Morning…


Wake Up in the morning sms

Every Morning
The Sun Says, Wake up like me,
The sky says, Aim high like me,
The Wind says, Freshen Everybody like me,
And I say good Morning!

Time is Slow when u r Wi8

Time is Slow when u r Wi8
Time is Fast when u r getting Late,
Time is Long when u r Sad,
Time is Short when u r Happy
Time is Endless when u r in Pain
Time can only b determined
By ur feelings not by clocks

Gud Morning.