New York USA

A memon family receivd the coffin of their dead mom from U.S. Sent by a daughter,

A letter on top which read.

I’m sendng mom’s body it was her wish 2b buried in Karachi. Under AMMA’s body r 12cans of cheese, 10 packs of choclates & 8 packs of almonds. Amma is wearing a pair of Reebok shoes 4 Qasim bhai. There r 2 pairs of shoes for Jubaida & Jarina. Amma is wearing 6 T Shirts large 1 is for Sattar bhai othrs r for the small boys. 2 new Jeans Amma is wearng r for Sanam Baji’s kids in Islamabad. Swiss watch on Amma’s left wrist is for Johra bhai. Amma is wearing a necklace, earings & a ring for Kulsum aunty,and if anythng more is needed tell me now, since Abba is also not well and the doctors have given him 4 months.

New York. USA!