cell phone attached to a charger

They tie dog to the pole..
So they don’t move.
That’s how I feel
When someone sitting with cellphone attached to a charger…

Every problem has only One solution

According to parents,
Every problem has only
One solution,
“Just throw away the phone and cut down the internet connection”:p:D

hack my wifi

Yesterday i named my Wifi ” hack if you can ”
Today when i woke up it was changed to
“challenge accepted”


Dad can I have 50Rs

Me: Dad can I have 50Rs?

Dad: 40Rs? What do you need 30Rs for? 20Rs is more than enough! Here’s 10Rs now give your brother half…

21 century kid and bbm pin

21st century kids standing in a museum, looking at a Egyptian mummy with 1227BC written below.

1st kid: What does that mean?

2nd kid: Must be his BBM pin…

turning off wifi trick always work

When Mom wants to find out where I’m in the House,
she simply Turns oFF The Wi-Fi …

Damn! Dis Trick Always Work…

i want to change the world

When I was kid I was going to change the world. & Today if the remote is on the other end of the couch, I don’t even change the channel…

I love photography

I love photography because it’s the only hobby where i can shoot people and cut their heads off, without going to jail…

last seen on whatsapp

Dad entered son’s room and found him asleep. Walked closer, caressed his hair & BANG slapped his face and said..
Last seen on WhatsApp 1 min ago…


5 ways for man to be happy

5 ways for man to be happy with women

1. Be with a women who makes you laugh…

2. Be with a women who gives u her time…

3. Be with a women who takes care of you…

4. Be with a women who really loves you…

5. Finally, make sure these four women don’t know
each other!;)