Once Boss Officer

Once ?oss, Θfficer & ?lerk Going 4 Meeting, Dey Met A Jin

Jin- I Fullfil 3 Wishes Θf A Person. ?ut U R 3 Persons ?o i’ll Fullfil 1 Wish 4 ?ach

Clerk Instantly ?aid ‘?end Me 2 America Wid Lot Θf Money’ Puuff ?lerk Disappear

Officer ?aid ‘?end Me 2 Paris With Lot Θf ?eautiful Girlz’ Puuff Θfficer Disappear

Jin ?aid 2 ?oss what Is Ur Wish?

He ?aid ‘I Want These 2 Idiotz ?ack At Θffice After Lunch At 1 Pm’

Moral: Always Let The ?OSS ?PEAK 1st