Friends are the best part 0f 0ur small life

s0 many straws, in 1 milk shake glass :-)

s0 many fight, f0r th0ri si pepsi :-)

s0 many hands, in 1 chips pack :-)

s0 many friends, 0n 1 bench :-)

s0 much laughter, 0n 1 stupid j0ke :-)

s0 many ph0ne calls, 0n birthday night :-)

s0 many hugs, f0r 1 little w0rry :-)

s0 many tears, f0r 1 little fight :-)

‘Friends’, are the best part 0f 0ur small life..

s0 d0n’t l0se and f0rget them at any c0st.

The Best Pain Killer

A Best F.r.i.e.n.d
Is The Best Pain Killer.
The Ingredients Are Simple:
C a r i n g
S h a r i n g . . . ^_- <3

Judai aap ki rulati rahe gi

Judai aap ki rulati rahe gi”

Yaad aap ki aati rahe gi”

Jab tak jisam mein hai jaan

har saans dosti nibhati rahe gi..


Golden rules to feel happy

Golden rules to feel happy: meet a friend, call a friend, talk to your friend, hug a friend, and love a friend.

Y do we need Close Frnz

Y do we need Close Frnz?
-For those honest opinionz.
-To pick us from Railway Station @ 2am.
-To kick u @ midnyt on ur B’day.
-To make fun of ur new outfits.
-To get latest prints of movies.
-To call @ 3am jst to say Gud nyt.
-For d endless treats.
-To irritate us wid missed calls wen v r sleeping.
-Sending lot of msgs though u dnt rply.
-Or maybe,
jst for a beautiful life.

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A dimple is a sign of pretty face

A dimple is a sign of pretty face,
A smile is a sign of joy.
A hug is a sign of love
A frIend like ME in your life
Well ! That’s a sign of ur
Good choice.B-)

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Only Forwarded To Jigri Friendz

Friendship Is Not About “IM SORRY”
Its About “”Chall Dramebazi Band kar, Ab Maan Ja”,

Friendship Is Not About “WHERE R U”
Its About “Zinda Bhi Hai k Teri Biryani But Gai?,

Friendship Is Not About “I UNDERSTAND”
Its About ” Sab Teri Galti Hai”,

Frndship Is Not About “I CARE 4 U”
Its About ” Mar Mat Main Yahin Hon”,

Frndship Is Not About “IM HAPPY 4 UR SUCCESS”

Only Forwarded To Jigri Friendz…

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Pal pal se banta hai ehsaas

Pal pal se banta hai ehsaas,
ehsaas se banta hai biswas,
biswas se banta hai rista ,riste se badta hai pyar,
us pyar ka naam preeti pinto

What Is Friend

Full Form Of FRIEND
That Is Friend.


Smile A Little Brighter

* F.r.i.e.n.d.s *

The People
Who Make You
‘Laugh A Little Louder’
…’Smile A Little Brighter’
‘Make Your Life A Little
Better…’ *.* =)