make friends with few

In life, we meet a lot of people,
make friends with few
in those few
some touch our life
in such a way that
their presence is felt
in their absence…!

Real truth I hv learnt

Real truth. . . I hv learnt. .. .
As We Grow Up We Think We Lose Our Friends
But Truth Is We Don’t Lose Friends,
We Just Learn Who The Real Ones Are!

Pyar or dosti

Ek din pyar dosti se mila or usne dosti se puchha mere hote huye tumhara kya kam….
Dosti muskuryi or pyar se boli
”me un hontho par muskan lati hu, jinhe tum rota chhod jate ho.”


best friend

The moment when you and your best friend look at each other and know what you are thinking and both laugh.


I Cried When I Failed In 2 Subjects
I Cried When I Failed In 2 Subjects,
… .
I Smiled When I Came To Know My Friend Failed In 5 Subjects :P :D

I Love My Friend :P

Teenage Memories


One sided Love,
Silent Mode Phones,
Escape From Class,
Last Lecture Bunks,
Forced Birthday Treats,
Last Minute Preparation,
Attendance Tension,
Mass Bunk For A Film.
Friendship Cannot Be Compared With
Any Other Relation :)

At the Age of 4

At the Age of 4
We Start Study With Tears
At the Age of 24
We Finish Study With Tears…

1st Tears are Due to Fear of New Place
2nd Tears are Due to Missing Dears.:

They love u
but they r not ur

They care for u
but they r not from ur family,

They r ready to share ur pain but they r not in ur blood relations,

Just They r..
A True friend
Scolds like a Dad..!
Cares like a Mom..!
Teases like
a Sister..!
Irritates like a Brother.!
Send to ur special friends who mean a lot to u…
Dedicated to
all my Dearest Friends…

I know that they r fine

I know that they r fine but I txt & ask
‘kia haal hai?’:-)

I know that they can’t forget me but I say
‘Yar! BhOOL gyay ho mujhay’:-(

I know that they can’t finish all stuff without me but I say
‘beta akaeLay akaeLay’ :-P

I know that they’ll share everything with me but I say
‘aray mujhay bhe batao na yar’:-(

I know that they r with me in every problem but I say
‘Any time pay dafa na ho jana’:-P


I know its impossible to live without them,but I say
‘ayaenda baat mat karna’:-(

Dedicated to all wonderful Freinds like U who make my life beautiful:)


“All is Well.”
Its my “ZOOBI-DOOBI” message for my IDIOT friends,
To whom I can say “Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe,”
B’cause I need you t0 “Give me s0me sunshine and rain.”
I pray tum “URTI PATANG” ki tarah always mast rah0,
And h0pe that I never have to say, “Kahan gaya usay dh00nd0,”
B’cause mere liye “jahaa panah tussi great 0….

:-)dedicated 2 my all cute n super duper frnds…


Living alone is really better

Rocking Quote:

“Living alone is really better than living with fake people who hate you but act like loving you.”
so be honest with ur FRIENDS otherwise leave them..