love others with their faults

You are great if you can find your faults, greater if you can remove/reduce them but you are the greatest if you accept & love others with their faults.

self love self respect

Self love, self respect, and self worth. There is a reason they all start with self. You can not find them in anyone else…

Make mummy dady proud sms

You don’t have to be famous , you just have to make your mother and father proud…


dont believe in people

You’re never as good as
everyone tells you when you win,
and you’re never as bad as
they say when you lose.

Try selling your EGO on

Try selling your EGO on will realize it’s not worth even a penny…

always tell the truth

If you want to be listened to, tell the truth. If you want to be heard, tell your truth…

friend list on Facebook & WhatsApp

It’s not important to have long friend list on Facebook & WhatsApp, But it’s important to have some friends who can read your Face as a Book and ask what’s up…

Social Networks in modern age

In this age, you can know more about a person by stalking them on social networks than speaking to them…

Before you judge someone’s feelings

Before you judge someone’s feelings, think about how you would feel if you were in their position… then maybe you can see why they feel the way they do.


Tw0 Meters 0f Cl0th

UniversaL Truth”

“”Tw0 Meters 0f Cl0th,,
Tw0 Meters 0f Earth,,
Is Total Achievemet of 0ur Life…..!