Snd Dis To D Women Who can Handle It

Why Men Are Never Depressed….??

Men Are Just Happier Ppl.. Sum Reasons R Written Below..

Thier Last Name Stays Same

They Can Wear A White T-Shirt To A Water Park

They Don’t Have To Think Which Way To Turn A Nut On A Bolt

Ppl Never Stare At Thier Chest When They R Talking To Them

1 Wallet, 1 Belt & 1 Pair Of Shoes … 1 Color 4 All Season

A 5 Day Vacation Requires Only 1 Suitcase

They Can Open A Tight Jar

Thier Underwear Is Rs. 195 For a Three Pack


They Can B President But Cant B Pragnent :->

No Wonder Men R Happier

Snd Dis To D Women Who can Handle It
& To Men Who WiLL Enjoy IT ;->