Da good old days

Speacial dedication 4rm for its speacial visitors like you

~Da good old days~

Let me take u bak in time!

B4 Sega, nintendo & atari, vcd, dvd.when dere was only luddo n chupan chupai!
POLKA popcone icecream
Watch 7:30am cartoons b4 going to skul on PTV.
7pm NTM chanel transmision
suprman, Ninja Turtles ThunderCats.
latenite shows-Automan, flash , Streethawk , Knight rider.
urdu dramas-alpha bravo charlie, duwaan, Ahan,Nijat, un kahi, sunehray din..
Pak wining cricket n hockey worldcup! We used to know each n evry1 in our lane.. Chup chup k kite flying,oh han aur Rs4 ki Pepsi pena.Jublee, mitchells toffee.Bubble Gammars shoes.Pillow Fight, runing till u’re out of breath. Being tired from playing, Rs100 eidi, decision made by ‘eeny meeny miney mo’. Embrasmnt of being pick last in a team! Afraid of dog-bite, Injections, darkrooms. Arguing wid frnds-who runs faster! Always 1st in class!

Koi lota de wo pyare pyare din!!!
Did it run u bak 0n mem0ry lane!?