Youre right

You’re right, I am a lying whore. I lied, size DOES matters.

I hate you

I hate you, you hate me, what are we waiting for? Let’s do it.

How can I put this

How can I put this… forget I exist?


Roses are red

Roses are red, violets are… ah the hell with it. Get your crap and get out.

Tu To Kehti Thi Ke

Tu To Kehti Thi Ke Tujhe Sari Duae Yaad Hai

Kya Bichhad Ke Phir Milne Ki Koi Dua Nahi.

Have I told you

Have I told you latley how much I am in love with you??? No?? Think about it, have a great life…

Im sure youve

I’m sure you’ve met my new girlfriend, she’s been your best friend for 8 years.

The only thing

The only thing worse than being alone, is being with you.